Our Adventures In Baking ~ Baked Sour Cream Oat Flour Donuts

In my current goal of cutting wheat out of my diet, I’m experimenting with recipes where I can successfully substitute oat flour for wheat flour – and I’ve managed to do this with our favorite donut recipe – ‘Baked Sour Cream Donuts’ found on ‘The Semisweet Sisters dot com.’  I substitute oat flour for the wheat flour, and almond extract for the vanilla extract to make my version of this recipe.

I make my own oat flour by pulsing rolled oats in the food processor, but when it comes to substituting it for wheat flour, it doesn’t always work.  My coarse processed oat flour seems heavier, often doesn’t hold together well in a baked product and crumbles apart, and doesn’t rise much compared to wheat flour in baked goods like cakes.  So I focus mostly on cookie type recipes that don’t need to rise very much during baking.

I’ve made a couple of attempts now with substituting flours on our favorite donut recipe, and each time the donuts taste great, but easily crumble and fall apart.  This time, I didn’t fill the donut baking forms as full, which made for skinnier donuts, but ones that hold together nicely.

I freeze these as plain donuts after cooling, and then defrost two overnight in the refrigerator for breakfast the next morning, with 15 seconds in the microwave to warm up.  They’re then dusted with powdered sugar, and ready to enjoy! ☼ 🙂