Our Adventures in Baking ~ Surprise Drop-By Pumpkin Pie

After today’s turkey dinner and turkey noodle soup post, it’s only natural that I’d share my favorite pumpkin pie recipe by SaraLee for ‘Surprise Drop-By Pumpkin Pie.’  Ours is a clipping from years ago, but I’m sure it’s still available on SaraLee’s website.

The reason I enjoy this pumpkin pie recipe that my wife makes so much, is that it is a combination of both pumpkin and pecan pies, as it has a pecan topping layered over a pumpkin pie base.  I wasn’t able to cut a slice worth photographing as the pecan topping didn’t slice through cleanly for me, so I’ll just show you the entire pies in the gallery below ~ but SaraLee shows a proper slice in the recipe clipping we have.

We always refrigerate and serve this pie chilled with whipped cream ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂