My Book – Organizational Aerodynamics

Here’s an excerpt from my motivational, self-help book Organizational Aerodynamics: “…helping individuals, organizations and businesses creatively solve their challenges…”

“We often speak of inventors having that eureka moment, when they first capture a concept they have long been searching for.  The mind has a way to channel and access these eureka moments through altering the approach it takes in dealing with the subject at hand.  By changing your perspective, paradigm and/or approach to the subject – as well as the context you view it in by pulling it out of the familiar and placing it into a different medium – the mind can visualize connections and concepts that it was unable to previously recognize.

Random associations can pull everything into focus when you change the background of the familiar that has previously clouded your perception.  Look at your world through new eyes and you will see details that you’ve never noticed before, brainstorm and generate ideas that you haven’t thought of before, and make connections that you’ve never recognized before – helping you to permanently alter your perspectives in every facet of your life, organization and business!

Welcome to the world of Organizational Aerodynamics, designed to help individuals, organizations and businesses creatively solve their challenges by adjusting the way we perceive the world around usincluding our personal lives and the organizations we’re part of.”

Here’s the link to the Kindle Version – free to read on Kindle Unlimited (view this post online to see the link):

Here’s the link to the Paperback Version – 245 pages, 6″x9″ format:

Here’s the link to my Amazon Author Page – Mark D. Jones (I’m currently proofing my 17th book Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) )