My Original Artwork: Seattle Skyline – Work In Progress (Aug 2015)

I’m currently painting a picture I call ‘Seattle Skyline’ (18″ x 36″) and decided to share updates of my Work In Progress (WIP) with you along the way.  This is my first original artwork (beside house painting) since 1988, and I’m glad to finally be back doing something that I absolutely love to do – which is completely independent of my skill or lack thereof – as a painter.  The fact I enjoy this area of my creativity is reason enough to start painting again!  I still have to tone down the underside of the Space Needle, as it’s not quite right yet (it looks better at a distance than it does close up), fill in the buildings and the name ‘Seattle,’ and then add a few stars.  I’ve never before painted a painting like this, and filling in the buildings with lights on in the windows will be a daunting challenge for me, so we’ll see how well I rise to the occasion!  My aim is to have the name ‘Seattle’ pop out as if it was a magazine cover title superimposed over a photo, so I’ll paint each of the letters in a different color of the rainbow – starting with a red ‘S’ on the left.  It’ll be quite colorful in contrast with the muted gray and black buildings in the background, but as it was my original concept I’ll run with it to the end!

 ‘Seattle Skyline – Work In Progress’ (Aug 2015)

(Copyright 2015, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)