Our Adventures in Baking ~ Panettone Loaf Bread

My wife’s made panettone three times now over the holidays using a recipe called ‘Overnight Panettone’ found on ‘King Arthur Flour dot com,’ and this time she decided to make it in a normal loaf pan to make slicing easier.  The only ingredient we didn’t have on hand this time was dried mango, and in the future we’ll probably just include raisins in our panettone as our own delicious version of raisin bread.

The tricky aspect of this recipe seems to be matching the oven temperature and time to the oven you’re actually using, as ours is very efficient and has resulted in reducing both temperature and baking time each time we’ve made it.  This third time’s been the charm though, as it’s turned out perfectly soft and fluffy, as the panettone can easily become a bit dry if baked just a little too long.

Our experience shows that panettone bakes just as well, if not better, in a standard loaf pan, and I’ve included a gallery of pictures of our results below.  My role in baking this panettone was dish washing, kitchen clean-up, taste appreciation and food blogging ~ it’s a sweet gig if you can get it ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

Our Adventures in Baking ~ Panettone

With the holidays upon us, my wife decided to make a recipe for ‘Overnight Panettone’ found on ‘King Arthur Flour dot com’ ~ and it turned out as advertised ~ delicious! 🙂  Last year we enjoyed a gift of panettone holiday bread that we were given, so this year we decided to make it from scratch using King Arthur Flour’s recipe.

My role in making our panettone was dishwashing, taste appreciation and food blogging, simply because someone has to do it!  King Arthur Flour’s recipe has everything you need to make your own panettone, so I’ll just attach a gallery of the photos of our efforts in making this traditional Italian treat ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂