468.0 Simply Mark – Show 13 (Part 1), Season 10, Nov 30, 2017 – Podcast

“…then we can think about time as a vehicle to take us from the life that we’re living today, to the life that we want to live in the future.”

Mark reads his book ‘Organizational Aerodynamics – Ch 10 – Organizational Time’

457.0 Simply Mark – Show 9, Season 10, Nov 15, 2017 – Podcast

“The key to defining and achieving success in ways that support your hopes, dreams, desires and passions is to make sure your focus for engaging in them isn’t directed inwardly at self – but outwardly focused on others.”

Mark reads his book ‘Organizational Aerodynamics – Ch 6 – Organizational Success’

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455.0 Simply Mark – Show 8, Season 10, Nov 13, 2017 – Podcast

“We spend much of our waking lives within organizations of all types and the aim of this lesson is to look at what makes people happy and unhappy within the context of any organization.”

Mark reads his book ‘Organizational Aerodynamics – Ch 5 – Organizational Happiness’

453.0 Simply Mark – Show 7, Season 10, Nov 9, 2017 – Podcast

“Today’s lesson is about Organizational Community – helping us to see individuals and organizations as a collective, collaborative, inclusive and interconnected community.”

Mark reads his book ‘Organizational Aerodynamics – Ch 4 – The Organizational Theory of Everything’

451.0 Simply Mark – Show 6, Season 10, Nov 7, 2017 – Podcast

“…the true paradox of common sense thinking isn’t that it’s so commonplace, but that it’s so uncommonly applied to people’s lives, organizations and businesses.”

Mark reads his book ‘Organizational Aerodynamics – Ch 3 – Uncommon Sense for Organizations’

447.0 Simply Mark – Show 4, Season 10, Nov 1, 2017 – Podcast

“Profits lift the organization ever higher and higher into the wild blue yonder and allows your organization to fly independently under its own power!”

Mark reads Ch 1, Pt 2 of his book ‘Organizational Aerodynamics’

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445.0 Simply Mark – Show 3, Season 10, Oct 30, 2017 – Podcast

“Now imagine your world as an airplane.  Think of it as having wings, a cockpit, a fuselage, a tail, a rudder, landing gear and powerful motors.  Visualize that organization of yours performing acrobatic maneuvers in the sky.”

Mark reads Ch 1, Pt 1 of his book ‘Organizational Aerodynamics’ #OrganizationalAerodynamics #Perspective #Motivation #SelfHelp

Mark D. Jones – Video Blog #70 – On Motivation

Mark D. Jones – Video Blog #70 – On Motivation ~ Mark discusses external, internal and self-less motivation, and how best to create a positive motivational environment for your life! ☼ 🙂