Our Adventures in Baking ~ Coconut Macaroons or Kokosmakronen Christmas Cookies

My wife always smiles when I label these posts as ‘Our Adventures in Baking’ as she does the lion’s share of baking in our house ~ while I pitch in when and where needed, do the dishes, and fill the important roles of Taste Appreciation and Food Blogging! ­čÖé She makes┬áKokosmakronen every year for Advent, and a quick search of the internet provides lots of recipes for both┬áCoconut Macaroons and German┬áKokosmakronen Christmas cookies.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll be brief in my baking remarks today, and simply offer up a gallery of photos for your literary and baking enjoyment! Ôś╝ ­čÖé