Our Adventures in Baking ~ Cheesecake with Cherry Pie Filling Topping

Our favorite version of making a ‘Daisy Brand Sour Cream Cheesecake’ is to serve it cold with a chilled Cherry Pie Filling topping ~ and real whipped cream if available.  It’s a cool pleasure and delight to the senses, especially on a hot summer day!

Our preference is to use a ‘Keebler Ready Crust Shortbread’ pie shell, as it’s the best ready-made pie shell around for our taste buds.  The recipe can be found on ‘Daisy Brand’ dot com, and it’s sure to please any cheesecake loving family near you.  Ours is always served the next day chilled, and easily stores in the refrigerator for three days to spread out the pleasure ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

Our Adventures in Baking ~ Sour Cream Cheesecake with a Meringue Topping

One of our regular summertime treats is this variation on a recipe called ‘Daisy Brand Sour Cream Cheesecake’ that my wife originally clipped from a magazine years ago.  The recipe references ‘Daisy Brand’ dot com, so I’m sure this recipe is still available online.

Our pie crust of choice is always the ‘Keebler Ready Crust Shortbread’ version pie crust, instead of a graham cracker crust, because we love the flavor of a shortbread crust.  Otherwise, my wife uses the traditional recipe as written, adding a dollop of cherry pie filling and fresh-made whipped cream as favorite toppings.  In this case, we had run out of sour cream, so she improvised with a meringue topping that was a perfect compliment to the cheesecake base and cherry pie filling side treat.

We always serve this cheesecake chilled from the refrigerator the day after it’s been baked, and it easily keeps for three days in the fridge ~ making it a nice, cool summertime treat to beat the heat ~ enjoy!