Organizational Aerodynamics – Chapter Sixteen – Organizational Writing (2015)

Organizational Aerodynamics

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Chapter Sixteen – Organizational Writing (2015)


Note: This chapter continues ‘My thought for today’ from Chapter Fifteen’s 2014 entries ~ enjoy! ☼ πŸ™‚ Mark

“While practicing what I called free-form writing in 1984 – a process of writing whatever came to mind on my manual Smith Corona typewriter – I was exploring the thought that in order to become a good writer you need to spend time writing every day.Β  As this theme evolved over the course of a few days,Β Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)Β emerged spontaneously, as if waiting for me to discover it by accident. Β I call that serendipity.”

This concept that “to become a good writer you need to spend time writing every day” was more than serendipity for me, it was an awakening within me of my calling in life. What had been a necessary process of recording my thoughts on paper, was now the focus of everything that was my life. Β Ever since that insightful day in 1984, I’ve been writing at every opportunity, and in a small way, I practice everyday this key notion that, “to become a good writer you need to spend time writing every day.” Β I’ll update this post each day with my latest exercises in writing in order to capture this creative process of mine, and you are welcome to visit anytime you like! Β Cheers!Β β™‘ πŸ™‚ Mark



My thought for today: Inspiration is a lifelong habit of excellence ~ don’t wait for it to knock on your door, go out and get it! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Life gets busy, and we can’t do it all ~ so do what you can! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: It’s okay to not know, to not understand, to question ~ it just means there’s more work to be done… ☼


My thought for today: Building bridges between hearts through love is the best way to heal the world, for understanding is the foundation on which everything positive is built… ☼


My thought for today: Do your very best at what you love to do, and everything else will take care of itself… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Creativity is the door in your mind to an unseen world ~ go ahead, take a peek, you never know what you might find! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Fear and doubt are but steppingstones on the way to realizing your dreams, never think of them otherwise! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Once we understand ourselves, we begin to understand one another ~ for in probing the depths of our own faults, we learn to choose to overlook them in others… ☼


My thought for today: You never know what’s around the next bend of life’s path, until you make the effort to go and find out… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Seek diversity, embrace difference, celebrate uniqueness, choose understanding, and become a bridge to the world around you! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Each of us is a work in progress, from the first day to the last ~ never settle for the status quo, for there’s always more work to be done! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Believe in yourself, for confidence is everything, and fosters ability over time ~ it all starts with belief! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: It may be your life, your dream and your effort, but anything worth doing benefits everyone directly or indirectly ~ always keep that in mind… ☼


My thought for today: Life is a form of performance art, where we are the artists, and the world is our stage ~ it’s showtime! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Life’s a team and participation sport ~ don’t sit on the bench, get in the game! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: It’s in trying that we achieve, in doing that we become, in believing that we can, and in hoping that we prosper… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Simply be yourself, it takes more energy to try to be something different… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: To question is universal. To not know is frequent. To know is common. To understand is rare and unique ~ for understanding transcends knowledge, to encompass the world around us… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: The path we’ve traveled to this point in life, is the one that has shaped and molded us into who we are, while the path going forward is the one taking us to who we want to be! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Less is more, except when it isn’t ~ for everything seeks its balance and level in life ~ so it always depends… ☼


My thought for today: Our world extends beyond our physical reality, just as dropping a pebble into a pond causes ripples to go in all directions ~ so it is with the world around us… ☼


My thought for today: The process of living life is more art than science, discover your inner artist, and paint the portrait of a beautiful life! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Multitasking is overrated, single task focus is the way to go! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Authenticity is the key to living life in harmony, a single sheet of music in melody, rhyme, verse, rhythm and key ~ the score of your life… ☼


My thought for today: A journey to change the world first begins with us, and travels but a single path ~ changing one heart at a time through love… ☼ β™‘


My thought for today: Real strength is found in vulnerability, truth, light and love ~ their opposites lead down a path of ruin… ☼


My thought for today: Noble thoughts without action, are like dreams without ambition ~ the difficult work’s in the follow-through of making them visible… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Synergy’s found within community ~ for it’s within true community, that conditions for growth, development, nourishment and nurturing take place… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Life is a never-ending smorgasbord of options ~ choose or opt out, act or react, do or delay, enjoy or complain, love or abstain ~ free-will is its name… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Serendipity’s your friend ~ do everything possible to make chance acquaintances and occurrences easier to find you! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: A recipe for life ~ love God, love others, love yourself, and be authentic, real, and true to yourself… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Balance is an elusive quest, for each new action and event tips the scales this way and that, so strive to remain in the middle ground where happiness remains the greatest… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Why do I value diversity? ☼ Because I recognize my limitations in life, and see those same characteristics as strengths and talents in others ~ and the best way for me to gain that expertise, is by knowing those who have mastered the skills I aspire to have… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Quiet times, the spaces between life’s never-ending demands, are an oasis for renewal and regeneration ~ life’s ‘sweet spot’ ~ where endurance is found for completing the race… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: There’s a path for your life that aligns your hopes and dreams, interests and desires, skills and talents, as well as, your personality and experience ~ your heart knows your life’s path…follow it! ☼ πŸ™‚


My Thought For Today: Knowledge and understanding are two different things, the first taps into a database of facts and information, the second, the unfiltered resources of one’s entire being… ☼


My thought for today: Everyone has something to offer and teach us, so seek diversity from near and far ~ for ideas and solutions are as diverse as the people who imagine them… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Each day brings endless possibilities, but we too often filter them out through our preconceived notions ~ imagine if we were truly free to engage life without limits, constraints or fear ~ to live the life of our dreams! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Serendipity adds a flavor of adventure to life ~ look for the unexpected, anticipate the coincidence, sense the surprise, savor the essence, feel the connection, await the possibility ~ and you’re very likely to find it! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Each day awakens and unfolds the same, as the curtain opens to reveal the world around us ~ the choice is ours, to participate or simply observe ~ make it count, for this day will only arrive once… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Our dreams and efforts taken alone are intangible substances, the first a vapor, the other sweat equity ~ yet when combined they produce tangible results for all to see… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: The fork in the path between continuing along the status quo, or climbing the difficult path to the summit, is no choice at all ~ for the first denies who we are, and the second leads to who we are… ☼


My thought for today: Speak up for the voiceless, stand up for the defenseless, protect the weak, support and defend truth, freedom, justice, peace and love… ☼


My thought for today: Find your voice, be authentic, follow your heart ~ it’s the only way to live life! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Imagination and creativity are bursts of energy within the endurance race we run called life ~ so focus on health, wellness and mindfulness to give you the strength, energy and ability to complete the race… ☼


My thought for today: Be love in the world, at all times and in all places ~ it’s the most important thing you can give the world ~ just be love… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Time is essentially a division of life into individual moments, for time itself really doesn’t exist, only this very moment we’re part of ~ divided or extended as we see fit, as merely a point of reference… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Perception both reveals and colors the world we see around us, painting a portrait of reality that is then filled in with our own bias and expectations ~ only when truth stands illuminated in the sun, do we see it as it truly is… ☼


My thought for today: We try our best, give it our all, and let the chips fall where they will ~ we may not hit it out of the ballpark, but we do the best we can with what we have ~ and that’s all we can do! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Your journey is the path and process of becoming you ~ challenge yourself to take the difficult high and rocky path, the one you fear to travel ~ because that’s the only path leading to discovering yourself… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Simply being yourself opens up a world of possibilities, take the plunge, accept the risk ~ after all, you’re both precious and priceless ~ you’re the world’s only You! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: It’s in times of loss, trial and failure that you discover what you’re really made of ~ simply look beyond the moment, for you’re stronger than you ever thought you were… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Tomorrow’s an opportunity that’s available to each and every one of us free of charge ~ prepare today, so you don’t waste this precious gift! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Nurture and nourish your heart, mind and soul, with rest, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and prayer ~ to give you the energy and inspiration needed to carry you to your dreams! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: The single best piece of advice for anyone seeking to achieve more and do more in life, is to simply do your best each and every day ~ staying the course is the only way to reach the finish line… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Pay close attention to the coincidences that come your way, the chance acquaintances, the encouraging words, and the serendipitous events in your life ~ they may be nothing, or everything, to you and your life ~ don’t leave that outcome to chance! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Your journey is achieved one step at a time, one effort after another, one milestone before the next ~ show up, be present, take responsibility, be yourself, and own your story! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Belief is the essence of empowerment, an enabler that transcends situational reality, allowing us to be more, and do more, than others would ever consider possible… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: While we can never achieve perfection, we can make progress towards that unreachable goal each and every day, through practice, effort and continuously honing and perfecting our talents and skills… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Flexibility is essential, as objects that give, bend and sway in windstorms often survive, whereas those that are rigid, stiff and inflexible are often knocked down ~ be resilient, it’ll give you staying power! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Positivity is contagious, happiness is infectious, and smiles are endemic when broadly shared ~ life is all about choices ~ choose to be happy, and you’ll never look back! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Synergy grows as connections develop, interlocking and enhancing heart, mind & soul throughout networks ~ the sum of which, far exceeds the essence of its individual participants… ☼


My thought for today: Be true to your calling, rain or shine, and at the end of the day you’ll be able to say you did your best ~ that’s all you can do ~ just be you… ☼


My thought for today: Opportunities, possibilities, dreams and desires all begin with a spark of imagination, and depend on what you do each and every day to realize them… ☼


My thought for today: There’s an ebb and flow to life that remains in motion, never static, nor would we want it to be ~ so, embrace life’s tide and all it washes up, and reveals, as it returns to the sea… ☼


My thought for today: Perspective is like a key that unlocks a secret door to the future ~ when you change your perspective and look at things differently, you will see all the opportunities that await you on the other side of the door… ☼


My thought for today: Together we are greater than the sum of our individual contributions, which means that our ability to work together to achieve a common goal, is the key to making this a better world… ☼


My thought for today: Be authentic, be real and be you ~ just as you are, for you are unique, wonderful and one of a kind ~ no one can do, or be you, like you can! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Each moment is a new beginning, a new opportunity and a new hope ~ for without hope, where is the purpose? Without purpose, where is the meaning? Without meaning, there can be no direction ~ only aimless drifting through life… ☼


My thought for today: The future of all human and environmental progress depends on connecting hearts and minds in peace, love and forgiveness around the world… ☼


My thought for today: Introducing ‘change’ without adding incremental value and positive improvement, is simply a ‘roadblock’ by another name, hindering use and progress by muddying the waters, confusing users, and wasting resources and precious time…


My thought for today: The shortest distance between Point A (Today) and Point B (Your Dreams), is the path created by the decisions you need to make to get there… ☼


My thought for today: You are capable, what you desire is already within you, all you need to do is have the courage and willpower to pursue and live it ~ everything else follows from those two attributes ~ the courage and willpower to live your dreams! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: It’s not about us, think about it for a moment, we’re only here for a short time in the big picture of things ~ it’s about others, and what we can do to help them long after we’re gone ~ that’s the challenge to us, for them… ☼


My thought for today: Share yourself, tell your story, it’s uniquely you, there’s no other like it ~ and when you do, frame your experiences in ways that will help others, too ~ for your story is but a thread, in the tapestry of life… ☼


My thought for today: A moment, or a lifetime, each requires its own approach ~ the first, to be fully present, the second, endurance ~ the key is combining the two, to sustain the present moment, for a lifetime… ☼


My thought for today: Expect the unexpected, anticipate the unforeseen, prepare for the unknown ~ for anything can happen in life, and usually does ~ so it’s probably headed your way… ☼


My thought for today: Challenge yourself to learn, grow, evolve, change, and become yourself ~ the person you always wanted to be ~ for there’s no time like the present to make your dreams come true! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Cultivate, nurture and befriend that area of your mind that generates your sparks, ideas, concepts, imagery and artistry ~ visit it often, and before long, it will be your favorite place to dwell… ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: At times when we’re lost, tired, confused, unsure, insecure and frazzled, life hasn’t passed us by ~ in fact, it’s simply taking a break, as we should, too ~ so pause for a moment, take a deep breath, relax and realize, that this, too, shall pass… ☼


My thought for today: Adventure is simply a matter of perspective ~ so surprise yourself by trying new things at each and every opportunity ~ before you know it, your adventures will create in you, a new you! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: New beginnings, the pursuit of dreams, and embarking on journeys and adventures requires a fresh mindset and approach, for life won’t wait until you’re ready ~ be bold, it’s never too late to live your dreams! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: You’ll never know without trying, learn without doing, or master without practicing, for it all begins with the effort… ☼


My thought for today: There’s no time like the present, to become the person you always wanted to be ~ look yourself in the mirror and say today’s the day ~ and then get to work! ☼ πŸ™‚


My thought for today: Spend some time thinking about your favorite things, write them down and organize them by categories ~ ponder the common themes, feelings, colors, geography and/or activities ~ and resolve to align your life with them in 2015… ☼ πŸ™‚



My thought for today: New beginnings, fresh starts, exciting opportunities, and unexpected journeys and adventures await us all in this new year ~ embrace change, follow your dreams, and may you be given all that your heart desires in 2015! ☼ πŸ™‚