Organizational Aerodynamics – Chapter Fifteen – Organizational Writing (2014)

Organizational Aerodynamics

(Copyright 2000, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Chapter Fifteen – Organizational Writing (2014)


“While practicing what I called free-form writing in 1984 – a process of writing whatever came to mind on my manual Smith Corona typewriter – I was exploring the thought that in order to become a good writer you need to spend time writing every day.  As this theme evolved over the course of a few days, Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) emerged spontaneously, as if waiting for me to discover it by accident.  I call that serendipity.”

This concept that “to become a good writer you need to spend time writing every day” was more than serendipity for me, it was an awakening within me of my calling in life. What had been a necessary process of recording my thoughts on paper, was now the focus of everything that was my life.  Ever since that insightful day in 1984, I’ve been writing at every opportunity, and in a small way, I practice everyday this key notion that, “to become a good writer you need to spend time writing every day.”  I’ll update this post each day with my latest exercises in writing in order to capture this creative process of mine, and you are welcome to visit anytime you like!  Cheers! ♡ 🙂 Mark



My thought for today: As we close out 2014, and usher in the promise of 2015 with well wishes, let us aspire to celebrate each other ~ and in so doing, become the best versions of ourselves we can be ~ for one day, these days, will be the days of Auld Lang Syne! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Let’s use the New Year to place our priorities in proper focus and perspective ~ on others, not ourselves ~ for it’s only in focusing on others, that we truly discover ourselves… ☼


My thought for today: To be able to care for others, we first need to care for ourselves ~ so in this New Year focus on improving your wellness, fitness and mindfulness ~ so you’ll be able to love, support and encourage others throughout 2015! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: As we ponder the end of a year and approach the beginning of a new one, realize that 2015 is a gift, a miracle of life ~ treat it as something very special, because it is ~ and do all you can to make the New Year reflect how special it really is… ☼


My thought for today: The holidays are a time of gathering together, of celebrating life in all its ups and downs, ins and outs, and successes and failures, while preparing to usher in a New Year ~ time and life are precious ~ enjoy the moments you have together! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: May you hold all the many gifts and blessings of this Season of Christmas, near and dear to your heart throughout the New Year… ☼


My thought for today: May Peace and Love dwell in your heart forever… ☼


My thought for today: Face your fears, jump over your shadow, live your dreams, be the person you’ve always wanted to be ~ or remain in the comfort of your regrets ~ the choice is yours… ☼


My thought for today: The year’s winding down, you’ve run a good race, the numbers are in the book, you’ve done your best ~ so pause for a moment to reflect on the meaning of it all ~ so the New Year can have meaning all year… ☼


My thought for today: Success by whatever measure you gauge it by never arrives overnight or by accident, but is the product of time, effort, desire, commitment, determination, preparation, practice and incremental improvement ~ so go for it, you never know what you can accomplish until you try ~ but without trying, you won’t go anywhere… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Journeys and adventures of all types and styles, are the most inspiring, engaging and challenging aspects of life, but sometimes the hardest step to take is the very first one ~ you can’t reach the dream without putting in the effort ~ so just take that first step and don’t look back! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: A kind heart, word, gesture and/or action can change someone’s whole world ~ be a change agent today, for we all can be Santa ~ it may mean everything to someone’s Christmas this year… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Our potential exists outside of our current experience, so who we are today has little bearing on who we can become ~ all things are possible for those who aspire to climb to greater heights! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Landing on your feet isn’t a matter of luck or skill, but the culmination of years’ worth of energy directed at thinking, planning, visualizing and then finally acting on your dreams to make them come true! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Your life’s experiences have formed who you are, and created in you a deep well of knowledge, wisdom and perspective ~ share yourself with the world ~ for others have much to learn from what you have to teach them… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Show up, be present and accountable, roll up your sleeves, do something, be yourself, reach for the stars ~ and never look back! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Win, lose or draw, just be you, just be yourself ~ after all, you’ve already been given the ‘contract’ for life ~ and no one else can do what you do, or even come close, to doing it as well as you! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Identify your passion(s) in life and they will lead you to your calling, which may change a number of times over the course of your life ~ but once you find your calling(s), hold on tight and never let go ~ for this is the life you’re meant to live! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Get your sparkle on, love what you do, and do what you love ~ when you sparkle, the world sparkles with you ~ so sparkle up! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: When you focus on loving, supporting and encouraging others, you love, support and encourage yourself as well ~ for in removing the focus from yourself, you’re free to be truly and uniquely you! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Just be you, you’re enough, just as you are ~ you wouldn’t have been given the dreams you hold inside, if there wasn’t a way for you to make them come true ~ so jump right in, the water’s fine! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: If there’s something you want to do in life, don’t listen to all the arguments in your head as to why you can’t ~ simply ask yourself, ‘Why not me, and why not now?’ ~ and then jump in with both feet, and figure it out on the fly! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: You know in your ‘heart of hearts’ what you’re called to do, and who you are to be ~ so listen, learn, follow and act ~ and become that person you’re called to be… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: We Are…perceived in our senses. We Understand…illuminated through our intellect. We Create…birthed from our imagination. We Dream…gifted from our passion. We Believe…blessed of our faith. We Reflect…the One who Created us… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Simplicity is an art form, where ‘less is more’ is expressed as beauty, efficiency, creativity, purpose and elegance ~ poetry in motion… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Recognize and minimize your own personal biases, see life from the perspective of other’s eyes, focus your actions outwardly as opposed to inwardly, and choose to love, support and encourage others ~ for life is too short to do otherwise… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: The future awaits your arrival, to claim it as your own, for only a veil of time separates you from where you desire to be ~ nothing prevents you from transcending time, as time is only perception, looking forward vs. looking back ~ simply build the future you desire, and the veil of time will lift… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: We all want to live lives of ‘meaning and purpose’ in life, so begin in your heart ~ for you were given hopes and dreams for a purpose ~ and you will find a life of meaning and purpose, in living and realizing your dreams… ☼


My thought for today: Give yourself permission to follow your dreams, search your heart for what you dream of doing ~ life’s too short to live with regrets ~ the opportunity costs of waiting are too high, for time keeps ticking away… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Life’s all about ‘possibilities’ ~ peace, hope, love, joy, friendship, opportunity, dreams, adventures and so, so much more ~ color the pages of your life, let them sparkle and shine, and be that person you’ve always wanted to be! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Connecting isn’t about being profound, it’s about being honest and authentic in the moment ~ even if you don’t have anything to say ~ just be present, and be you… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Think of your dreams as being on a far riverbank across from you, and simply build a bridge in your imagination to the far shore and walk across it ~ if you can ‘see’ it, you can build it ~ now work each day to make that bridge your reality! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Every day isn’t Thanksgiving, but every day can be filled with both thanks and giving ~ for we all have an expiration date, we just don’t know when it is ~ so treat each day as a gift, and give thanks for all of life’s blessings! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: To give thanks is to recognize we’re all connected, a single body of humanity, dependent on one another for most everything we are, have and will be in life ~ a universal truth simply acknowledged ~ Happy Thanksgiving and blessings, everyone! ☼ 🙂 Mark


My thought for today: Meaning and purpose in life often calls to us in a whisper, a small voice that we strain to even hear, yet its message speaks clearly to our hearts ~ heed its call when you hear it, for you have been called to serve something greater than yourself… ☼


My thought for today: Dreams rarely fit into the bureaucracy and system of society, but don’t let that deter you from living the life of your hopes and dreams ~ live them anyway ~ for dreams are meant to be followed and turned into reality, and bureaucracies and systems are meant to be changed… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Whimsy + Wonder + Wishes + Dreams + Discovery = A World of Imagination ~ do the math, explore the universe, live your dreams! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: It’s getting the small things right in life that really counts, for they’re the building blocks of all you do ~ get the details right, and chances are the rest will follow ~ get them wrong, and you’ve just built a house of cards… ☼


My thought for today: Spend your life following, pursuing and living your passion, dreams and heart’s desires, for you only have one life to live ~ so give it your all, as your gift and truth to each and every one of us ~ celebrate you! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Changing our perspectives, changes the world around us, and focusing on supporting, encouraging, celebrating and loving others is where our focus and perspective truly belongs ~ for in the long run, it is in focusing on others, that creates in us the life we so desire to live… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: The privilege of success in achieving the goals you’ve set for your life, is to be able to pay it forward and help others live their hopes and dreams as well ~ for success is a calling to give back ~ and giving back is the blessing that’s extended to us in return… ☼


My thought for today: Imagine a life where ‘random acts of kindness’ are fully integrated as the order of the day, and purposefully added to the day’s to-do list…when random and intentional team together, what was occasional becomes routine, and a life of intention becomes a life of purpose… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Imagination is not only a portal into another realm, it’s a passage into The Realm ~ you and I think of the reality we construct for ourselves as the ‘be all end all,’ when in fact, we’re just a small rail spur on the fringes of an infinite switching yard ~ the totality of existence awaits us on the other side of the door… ☼


My thought for today: Mix together a dash of inspiration, a dose of reality, a pinch of whimsy and a heaping cup of dreams. Let sit overnight. Blend in a liberal amount of effort, hard work and talent, and let rise. Knead vigorously until smooth and repeat as often as needed. Let rise again. Set aside overnight. Bake on low heat until done. Portion and share with family, friends and those in need. Serves grateful hearts ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: We don’t ‘capture’ or ‘make’ moments or memories, for they aren’t ours to own or possess, but simply to experience ~ for the essence of experience is a vapor ~ and memory simply recalls the atmosphere of experience as a scent and flavor of a time that once was… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: ‘What’s done, is done’ is a popular saying around our house, and a simple description of accomplishment ~ for what’s completed is now behind us, and all that remains stands clearly in focus before us ~ always keep moving forward! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: It takes a lifetime of preparation for fleeting opportunities that arrive just once in a blue moon, so don’t waste a minute hoping your ship will come in ~ be present in all you do ~ and have an ‘open departure date’ ticket in hand dockside with your bags packed underneath the next blue moon! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: The ability to ponder and share an original thought each day is a blessing and a privilege ~ not that it changes anything in the grand scheme of life ~ but that it means we’re still participating in it! ☼ 🙂 Mark


My thought for today: Stewardship is a gift and calling bestowed upon us, to care for everything entrusted to us in our lives ~ sometimes the things that matter most in life, are those rarely noticed ~ and the most missed, when no longer part of our lives… ☼


My thought for today: Life is neither a sprint nor a marathon, but rather like a continuous steeplechase or obstacle course over time, demanding your very best each day in challenging and demanding conditions ~ the key is to appreciate the jumps, walls, ropes, nets and water hazards for how they test you ~ and enjoy the level ground for the gift it gives you! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Don’t expect the things you want in life to simply fall into your lap…most things will come to you only after you’re motivated, hungry, determined and passionate enough to go out there and make them happen, based on your talent, creativity, desire, skill, perseverance, dedication, motivation and effort… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: When we change ourselves, we change the world, because we’re all connected to everything else like dominoes falling in sequence and/or ripples in a pond ~ with every change the fabric of life itself is affected ~ one heart at a time! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Imagination creates dreams, dreams turn into concepts, concepts reveal plans, plans lead to goals, goals become markers on timelines, timelines subdivide into specific time frames, time frames become projects, projects require deadlines, deadlines necessitate action items, action items lead to-do lists, to-do lists require elbow grease, elbow grease mandates effort, effort spells work, work is a combination of passion, heart, dedication and commitment! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: If we truly believe in the work we do, it will speak for itself ~ let us not then dwell in misplaced cares, concerns and worries, but simply attend to the work that needs doing today ~ for ours is the journey to travel, the art to be created, the passion to be pursued, the songs to be sung, the words to write, and the truth to be told… ☼


My thought for today: Embrace change, shake up your world, live your dreams, follow your heart, live the life you’ve always wanted to live, there’s always a way when there’s a will ~ it’s your life, your path, your journey ~ sign it with your heart! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Perception is everything ~ for what we see, feel, think, hear, taste, smell, believe, understand and sense ~ colors, flavors, illuminates and creates the world we live in. To expand your world, open the windows of your mind, sweep out the cobwebs, and let the fresh air in to permeate your current world with new ideas, fresh perspectives, deeper insights, wider horizons, and brighter and more vivid rainbows! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: A recipe for making our dreams come true: Step One, see and visualize your dreams as opportunities long before they materialize and appear, for your thoughts are the first step towards creating your future. Step Two, claim your dream by naming and owning it as yours, so others know your intentions and can help. Step Three, live your life with your dream clearly in focus, so your day-to-day decisions reinforce your long-term goals and desires. My next dream is relocating to the Seattle area…what’s yours? ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: The answer is really quite simple despite our present circumstances and difficulties ~ simply choose happiness, peace, love, hope, joy, optimism, romance, dreams, adventure, beauty, passion, opportunity, challenges, truth, friendship, family, faith and God! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: We exist within the most wondrous and miraculous of environments, where everything surrounding us is a miracle by its very nature: the vastness of the universe; the warmth of the sun; earth bathed in water, weather and atmosphere; the nature of life and all living organisms; the complexity of the human mind; our capacity to love; the beauty of music; the power of a touch; the beat of a heart; a baby’s first cry… and “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.” Genesis 1:31 NIV


My thought for today: Life is an adventure ~ risk it…a dream ~ dream it…a treasure ~ cherish it…a challenge ~ live it…hard ~ do it…uncertain ~ overcome it…remarkable ~ capture it…a story ~ write it…a song ~ sing it…a dance ~ twirl it…passionate ~ love it…yours ~ own it! ♡ 🙂 Mark


My thought for today: I didn’t want to be an old man in a rocking chair someday, saying I could have, would have, should have done all the things I wanted to do in my life, but never even tried…I decided to try anyway ~ win, lose or draw ~ at least I was going to give it the old college try! ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: I’ve always viewed life as an amusement park, and as a kid I couldn’t wait for the ‘park gates’ to open so I could run to be the first one on the rides. The ‘gates opened’ when I turned 18 and finally had a chance to follow all my hopes and dreams ~ knowing I could either sit on a park bench and wait until closing time ~ or spend every opportunity riding as many rides as I could squeeze in before closing time, which I did. You only live once, so live your life like a day at Disney World ~ chase your dreams, live your life without regrets and never look back! ☼ 🙂 Mark


My thought for today: You are limited only by the depth of your imagination, the breadth of your dreams, and the height of your vision…follow your heart for it knows the way, and focus on the task at hand…for the vision is yours to create, and the gift for you to give away… ☼


My thought for today: Passion speaks volumes and silence is golden in a world of constant chatter…let reflection guide your thoughts, and insight lead your footsteps…for meaning and purpose are derived from within, and serve as the compass for your journey… ☼


My thought for today: Speak when you have something useful and important to say, something you’re passionate about, and something that will benefit others…until then, listen, learn and ponder the depth of the passion that resides within you… ☼


My thought for today: Ownership is both a privilege and a responsibility, a blessing and a duty, for the thread of good stewardship runs through all things…and with it, your responsibility to shepherd what’s been placed in your hands for its benefit and yours, as well as, for benefiting the greater good… ☼


My thought for today: Leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of your dreams, for within you lies the key to your existence…and with it, your gift to the world… ☼ 🙂


My thought for today: Consider the two primary forms of energy, Potential and Kinetic, as Potential and Action: (Potential + Action = Life’s Work) | (Potential = Imagination = Dreams) | (Action = Desire = Goals) | (Imagination + Desire = Life’s Work) | (Dreams + Goals = Life’s Work) | So fuel your dreams! ☼ 🙂 Mark


My thought for today: Consider the precious nature of time, our most valuable resource, but does it actually exist? Or have we fooled ourselves into believing that time can somehow be managed, optimized, utilized and/or wasted? Perhaps instead of time there are only heartbeats ~ one precious beat at a time ~ and memories, intentions, wishes and dreams. Would we view life differently if it was measured, valued and evaluated in terms of heartbeats instead of minutes? For in sharing heartbeats with one another, we share something much more personal than sparing a few minutes… ☼ 🙂 Mark


Sweeping clutter away, revealed all that was precious and endearing to me, for now I could clearly see…my life in a brand new light… ☼

Good evening, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is precious…valuable, dear, cherished, beloved, esteemed, darling, rare, essential & endearing! 🙂

My thought for today: Less is more in all things, so focus on purpose and meaning instead of quantity ~ there is no purpose served in the shadows of clutter ~ for the light of simplicity reveals all that’s valuable and precious… ☼


Life seemed to have settled into a routine, a static, status quo stretching to the end…a pattern I aimed to break and totally disrupt…

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is static…stationary, unmoving, fixed, firm, immovable, rigid, set, locked, unchanging, motionless, still.

My thought for today: Focus is never static, for the environment around us is continually changing, so the lens of our thoughts needs to constantly adapt and refocus our sense of purpose…for once the edges of our purpose become blurred, everything that follows misses the mark…


A compass without a map or reference point is of no use when we’re lost, at that point only our heart can show us the way & lead us home…♡

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is desire…interest, passion, inclination, focus, intention, aptitude, orientation, wish & aspiration! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: It’s easy to find ourselves getting lost along the ‘path less traveled by’ without map or compass to show us the way, but that’s not such a bad thing, for we were already lost on the ‘well-trodden road’ all along, but simply never knew it ~ now that we know we’re lost we can actually do something about it, and follow our heart’s desires we should have been pursuing all along… ♡ 🙂


It was difficult finding my way, for it was an uncharted course I had to first define and blaze, with only my heart to lead the way… ♡ 🙂

Good evening, all! 🙂 Today’s word is course…track, direction, vector, focus, progress, stream, race, passage, action and behavior! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Routines and habit patterns are strong motivators for personal gain or loss depending on their focus, for they keep you on track and steady your course much like a ship’s rudder ~ either through fruitful valleys or over nearby cliffs ~ it’s your choice… ♡ 🙂


It wasn’t a question of capability, enough elbow grease can do almost anything, it was a question of willingness…did I want to do it… ♡

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is capable…worthy, able, smart, skilled, qualified, competent, adapted, inclined, suited, apt and adept! ♡

My thought for today: Be authentic, there’s only one you, which makes you more valuable than gold, more precious than diamonds, more beautiful than pearls ~ a priceless and fabulous work of creation, as unique as a sunrise, as glorious as a sunset, as inspiring as a songbird’s melody ~ and capable of changing the world just by being who you are…just be you! ♡ 🙂


It was a place of refuge, nourishment and growth…for it provided both the time and security to learn, read, develop, ponder and become…♡

Good evening, all! 🙂 Today’s word is refuge…shelter, safety, harbor, protection, peace, calm, help, aid, asylum, recourse and haven! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Shine your light on all your shadows, give them no place of refuge, jump over them and leave them behind ~ have no fear of the dark ~ for darkness holds no power over light, and life’s too short to be afraid of the night… ♡


I was called to embrace a future I couldn’t see, but felt deeply with my heart…it was all about the journey and I never looked back…♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is embrace…cherish, hold, hug, cling, wrap, bond, unite, team, combine, pair, fuse & join! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Live simply, be fully, dream beautifully, choose wisely, ponder deeply, feel intensely, love passionately, bless freely, give unceasingly, and appreciate everything, make no demands, expect nothing of others, be true to yourself, embrace life, and give all the Glory to God! ♡ 🙂


The thought may have been original, but the reality behind it is timeless…born of the experience of all humanity throughout the ages… ♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is original…unique, one of a kind, special, rare, exclusive, handmade, exotic, priceless & beloved! ♡

My thought for today: You are a masterpiece of creation, purposefully born, a living miracle, one of a kind, unique and original ~ just be yourself ~ you are more than enough, just as you are!  ♡ 🙂


It was a daunting proposition, for who knew the direction or the distance, yet the only choice was to search…for as long as it took… ♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is distance…space, expanse, span, width, interval, mileage, separation, remoteness & travel time! ♡:

My thought for today: Sometimes the shortest distance from where you are today (Point A), to your hopes and dreams (Point B), is a lifetime of traveling along twisting and turning pathways, over hill and dale, crossing high mountains and deep valleys, and sailing the seven seas without maps or charts to show you the way or direction ~ for no shortcut exists that will get you there any sooner ~ make sure your dream’s worthy of the effort… ♡


There was a persistent awareness that had always been there, a calling, passion, focus & creativity that couldn’t & wouldn’t be denied… ♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is focus…clarity, vision, field of view, depth, purpose, insight, inspiration, attention & goal! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Yesterday’s in the can, tomorrow’s only a script, today’s in full production ~ film’s rolling ~ focus and work to ensure today’s efforts don’t end up on the director’s cutting room floor, in the producer’s line-item budget cut, or discarded as yesterday’s news for the studio’s next best thing… ♡ 🙂


It was a path of empty promises, dead ends, wrong turns, rationalizations & hidden agendas…so it was easy to choose a new direction…♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is empty…devoid, vacant, blank, bare, vacuous, hollow, clear, evacuate, drained and transparent… ♡

My thought for today: Empty yourself of self, of I, of my…and replace it with you, with we, with ours…for no man or woman is an island to themselves, we all share this journey called life together… ♡ 🙂


It’s more valuable than any treasure & to be cherished beyond measure, for a childlike heart is worth more than gold…it’s life itself… ♡

Good morning, all! 🙂 Today’s word is cherish…hold dear, endear, treasure, embrace, cling to, affection for, tenderness for and love! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Be the love you want to see, feel, have, hold, embrace and cherish in your life…everything flows from there… ♡ 🙂


The journey was obscured in mist & fog, yet preparation introduced me to faith & hope, who together, led me through the gloom to sunshine…

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is preparation…developing, investing, learning, becoming, evolving, growing and maturing! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Preparation is everything, timing is the key…never lose sight of your dreams, for tomorrow they may all come true! ♡


The depth of the meaning was concealed from me, until I saw a child in the distance…and realized the path is never of our own choosing…♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is depth…deep, hidden, concealed, profound, abstruse, esoteric, recondite, sapience, sagacious…♡ 🙂

My thought for today: See the world around you through the spiritual eyes of faith, for our eyes are blind to the infinite depths and amazing miracle of Life, the unfathomable beauty of Creation, the indescribable splendor of the Universe, and the Truth and Glory of God… ♡


There was this unyielding and unrelenting desire, thirst, curiosity and passion, to seek, explore, discover, reveal and understand… ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is thirst…drive, motivation, focus, desire, craving, eagerness, appetite, hunger, longing & passion! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: ‘School’ is always in session ~ not in a brick and mortar sense ~ but in a learning, searching, discovering, dreaming, inquisitive, optimistic, imaginative, wonderful, awesome, cerebral, spiritual, worldly and heartfelt sense…where life is the best of teachers, and the thirst for knowledge is freely available to all! ♡ 🙂


It was a choice, something I chose to do, a decision of my own choosing, for I wanted to live without regrets and it was all or nothing… ♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is choose…select, decide, grasp, hold onto, like, prefer, want, desire, pick out, elect & live! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: We know from experience that hearts can choose love in a single moment, so never doubt that the whole world can choose love in a moment, too…you can make a difference, choose love! ♡ 🙂


It was a signature and defining moment, a portrait of a life captured forever…not in oils on canvas, but a Polaroid to always remember…♡

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is portrait…image, likeness, picture, painting, photo, reflection, representation, resemblance & selfie! ♡

My thought for today: Live so that your truth introduces you, your life speaks for you, your actions define you, your heart explains you, and your soul paints a portrait of your love… ♡


They weren’t options that fit my life, so I decided to dream up new ones that did…all it took was a little creativity & elbow grease! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is change…transition, transform, adapt, mold, create, alter, modify, shift, upend & effect! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Find your purpose, live your dreams, love your life, be the change you want to see in your world ~ the sky’s not the limit ~ your name’s written in the stars! ♡ 🙂


I decided early on that growing up is overrated, age is irrelevant, and calendars trick you into believing something you’re not…old! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is childlike…innocent, precious, soft, tender, joyful, spontaneous, whimsical, playful and trusting! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Life is short and precious, be unique, be original, find your voice, sing your song, think differently, march to your own heartbeats, share your childlike heart, write your story, and sign your name boldly to your life’s work!


A funny thing happened on the way to encouraging others, I encouraged myself the most…which was just what the doctor ordered! Cheers! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is encourage…support, lift, cheer, hearten, comfort, inspire, strengthen, invigorate, promote & love! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: To love, support & encourage others, is to love, support & encourage ourselves…love yourself…others depend on you!


It was a whimsical approach to life, to see thoughts, feel colors, listen to rainbows, taste laughter, think in heartbeats & be in love… ♡

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is whimsical…playful, delightful, fanciful, mischievous, capricious, eccentric & spontaneous! 🙂

My thought for today: Genius is…Seeing the colors of love, Hearing the music of inspiration, Feeling the expression of wonder, Tasting the fruit of whimsy, Smelling the aroma of joy, Embracing the bounty of gratitude, Thinking the thoughts of nature, Conversing with rays of sunshine, and Befriending the sands of time… ♡ 🙂 Mark


The challenge was to dream vividly, imagine creatively, think differently, see intuitively, focus deeply and understand fundamentally…♡ 🙂

Good morning, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is empathy…rapport, affinity, sympathy, warmth, understanding, appreciation, communion and love! ♡

My thought for today: Genius is…to Think through the mind of God, Hear through the stillness of silence, Feel through the embrace of compassion, Taste through the pangs of hunger, See through the eyes of love, Smell through the aroma of gratitude, Speak through the joy of giving, and Understand through the tears of empathy… ♡ Mark


The answer eluded me until I chose a new perspective, for only then was it clear…as if it was just waiting for me to see it all along… ♡

Good evening, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is perspective…way, light, manner, view, aspect, angle, source, outlook, distance and vista! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Genius is…Thinking through your mind’s eye, Listening through your voice, Feeling through your heart, Tasting through your eyes, Seeing through your touch, Smelling through your imagination, Speaking through your actions, and Understanding through your soul… ♡ Mark


There was no choice or discussion, it was simply given and placed upon me…a calling to follow, a path to walk and a journey to travel… ♡

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is calling…vocation, mission, duty, focus, aim, purpose, essence, being, journey, path, life & love! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: When given a calling, follow it through to the end…for it’s not a gift for you…but one to give away to others… ♡


It was a dichotomy, for how was giving freely of myself, my art, my talent a good idea…until I woke up & realized I can’t take it with me.

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is give…hand, offer, reach, transfer, pass, share, toss, provide, award, proffer and make available! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Be open, share yourself, give your talents freely to the world, for one day you won’t have the opportunity any more…


It was a gut check and a matter of trust, for the crossroads had no guidepost to show the way…I had to believe in and follow my heart… ♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is trust…believe, have faith in, hold to, rely on, confidence in, depend on, hope in and follow… ♡

My thought for today: The light you hold within you, illuminates even the darkest paths you travel, trust your heart…it knows the way… ♡


The question was, “Why give of yourself freely to the world when there’s no money in it.” ~ the answer was clear ~ just because I can…♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is passion…desire, drive, motivation, emotion, essence, fuel, ambition, being, aspiration and love! ♡

My thought for today: The world needs your talent, insight, passion, desire, enthusiasm and love…it’s the very reason for your being! ♡ 🙂


It wasn’t possible to include everything, time & resources were finite, priorities needed to be set, schedules created & decisions made…♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is priority…essential, vital, important, mandatory, critical, necessary, needed, wanted & desired…♡

My thought for today: Focus on the big picture…keep the end game in sight…prioritize what’s important and minimize the unnecessary… ♡

(My thought originated in my approach to Time Management and a talk I gave years ago on the subject.  In many respects it’s more attuned to the concept of Self Management, in that your decisions and experiences each and every day will shape and form who you are, and paint the portrait of your life…)


Where was the calling, excitement, passion & adventure in life? Was this all there was? I didn’t buy it for a moment…life is an adventure!

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is stir…move, blend, mix, fold, combine, rouse, excite, infuse, motivate, impassion & inflame! ♡

My thought for today: Focus on what’s important to you & the things that stir your soul…reflect your heart’s desires in each & every day!


Nothing moved me…loss and emptiness consumed me like a mist from the sea, yet it was here that I found meaning, purpose and direction… ♡

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is empty…vacant, void, open, hollow, transparent, clear, unfilled, unoccupied, untaken, available & free.

My thought for today: Moments of emptiness have a purpose, for silence is often the best of teachers…if we choose to listen and learn… ♡


It was an awareness from the very beginning to see things differently, feel things deeply, listen carefully and live life passionately… ♡

Good morning, all! 🙂 Today’s word is gift…calling, purpose, reason, quest, talent, skill, focus, ability, insight, heart and soul! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Focus on your deeper purpose, your calling in life…discover your gift and then freely give it away to the world… ♡


The path led in two directions, isolation or openness…I chose the way of sharing, transparency and openness, and never looked back… ♡ 🙂

Good morning! 🙂 Today’s word is share…give, offer, invite, hand, lend, loan, split, contribute, divide, apportion, join and include! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Don’t treat your heart like a museum piece locked in a glass case…it was made to love and be shared with everyone! ♡


It was my constant companion, a seed planted in my heart to water, nourish & nurture everyday…a dream that needed to take wing & soar! ♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is dream…soar, inspire, imagine, create, envision, conceive, motivate, ponder, devise & aspire! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: I look at life differently & dream dreams, that’s what dreamers do…it’s what we do with our dreams that matters… ♡


In all things there are choices, options & alternatives, but there was only one path for me to follow…to create art for art’s sake…

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is create…cause, make, build, construct, assemble, produce, fasten, connect, infuse and evolve! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Create the art you’re called to make, for no other reason than just because you can, it’s your gift to the world! ♡ 🙂


In the course of following my dreams, I discovered I was lost…yet serendipity guided my wanderings directly to my heart’s desires…♡ 🙂

Good morning! 🙂 Today’s word is texture…feel, sensation, pattern, relief, tactile, composition, weave, essence, elements & quality! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Follow every dream your heart holds onto…for your calling’s woven into the fabric, color & texture of your dreams! ♡


A lone signpost on the road to failure took me by complete surprise and pointed out the direction to Success…it was straight ahead… ♡ 🙂

Good morning! 🙂 Today’s word is failure…to attempt, try, pursue, achieve, dream, create, deliver, inspire & produce…yet fall short… ♡

My thought for today: Failing is what I do best, but it’s just a minor technicality…a result of following all the desires of my heart… ♡


Happiness is and always has been a choice we make, a way of life, and a perspective we carry with us…to share wherever we go in life! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is happy…glad, joyful, smiling, elated, jubilant, overjoyed, pleased, cheerful and delighted! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Our journey through life lasts a lifetime, don’t wait until the end to find happiness…seek to be happy every day! ♡


There wasn’t any denying the call, it was always there for me to follow from the very beginning, I simply lived the life I was given… ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is explore…probe, analyze, look, seek, search, investigate, examine, survey, delve into & analyze…♡

My thought for today: Your most important adventure won’t be to foreign shores, but the one spent exploring the depths of your heart… ♡ 🙂


This rocky path hadn’t been easy to travel, for it had bettered me on more than one occasion in my life…yet I persevered to this very day.

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is travel…to journey, voyage, tour, follow, traverse, ride, wander, walk, wayfare ~ bon voyage! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: We all have a purpose and a calling in life, yet time is precious and fleeting…so travel the high road in life… ♡


There was a standard set, and an example to follow that had precedent..for I aspired to rise to the occasion and exceed expectations… ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is example…ideal, illustration, precedent, model, template, moral, guide, paradigm and symbol… ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Never underestimate the example of your words & actions, for better or worse, in the eyes, ears & hearts of others. ♡


I could only see my flaws, failures, pain & struggles in life, until my heart asked me to close my eyes & see myself as it always has…♡ 🙂

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is portrait…picture, painting, image, reflection, resemblance, artwork, master work and masterpiece! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: We’re mosaics of our flaws, failures and shortcomings, but God has created in us beautiful portraits of His love! ♡ 🙂


It was the journey of a lifetime, without promise of a destination, but it didn’t matter, for the journey alone was worthy of undertaking…

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is worthy…right, correct, proper, valuable, special, notable, worthwhile, honorable & justified! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: You’re important, valuable, worthy, special and one-of-a-kind…see yourself as you really are and live your truth! ♡


At times it was painfully slow & challenging, it’s taken years, but I finally realized it was a process of becoming who I was born to be…♡

Good morning, all! 🙂 Today’s word is becoming…forming, evolving, growing, morphing, changing, adapting, learning, being & enjoying! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: We are all works in progress, a process of being, of becoming…a lifetime journey of adventure, enjoy every minute! ♡


It was a journey to make, a calling to respond to, an adventure of the heart…one to love, support and encourage others in all I do… ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is calling…vocation, walk, call, mission, summons, lifework, purpose, message, role and task… ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: You matter, you are enough, you have a calling & purpose to live, a love & truth that changes hearts…just be you! ♡


There was no guarantee of my success, but it didn’t matter, for the prize was worth the risk…she was everything my heart longed for…♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is risk…to try, attempt, gamble, venture, chance it, give it a go and throw caution to the wind! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: You can’t know until you try, find without seeking, hold without reaching, be without living, love without risking…♡


Hardship was expected, for this was the path I chose to travel…but I never expected to discover the love & joy that was awaiting me! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is path…way, trail, footpath, pathway, bridle path, track, course, lane, road and route! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Follow the path your heart has prepared for you, a journey uniquely yours…for only you…can travel this way… ♡ 🙂


It was an awakening that changed my perception about living, for I now realized that my greatest treasures were faith, love and health! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is treasure…gem, gold, wealth, riches, fortune, valuable, possession, prize, precious and love! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Our greatest treasure is health, blessing is love, opportunity is today & miracles are our next breath & heartbeat! ♡


I only ever desired to be content within my spirit…not rich, famous or successful…I spell rich, famous and successful as ‘content.’ ♡ 🙂

Good morning, all! 🙂 Today’s word is content…peaceful, happy, satisfied, worry-free, serene, tranquil, blessed, smiling and loving! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Live your life doing all your heart desires so as to be content, no matter if you live just today or for decades! ♡ 🙂


It wasn’t a question of following my dreams, but a passion & desire to live them…for they were my very essence, my heart & my soul…♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is passion…love, affection, desire, intensity, fervor, fire, zeal, ardor, focus, drive & spirit! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Live passionately, love unconditionally, adventure without boundaries and turn your dreams into your reality! ♡ 🙂


It was something I always aspired of doing & becoming, so I accepted the role and played the part…until one day, I was that person… ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is aspire…dream, desire, hope, long, desirous, intend, focus, aim, decide, intend & choose! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Start today…be the person you aspire to one day become & one day that person will be looking at you in the mirror! ♡


I needed to illuminate my thoughts with new ideas, concepts & insights…for the future was calling & I needed to find my place in it! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is illuminate…light up, lighten, enlighten, brighten, make visible, glow, sparkle & shine! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Perception is everything…choose to see each other, not as people, but as souls, illuminating our world with light!


It wasn’t about money, position, influence, prestige or power…it was about truth, meaning, purpose, calling, happiness, joy and love! ♡ 🙂

Good morning, all 🙂 Today’s word is happy…smiling, laughing, fun, jovial, delighted, cheerful, content, pleasant, joyful and loved! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Happiness is & always has been a choice we make…nurture & nourish your happiness & watch it bloom into joy! ♡ 🙂


In that moment all pretense faded away, revealing a transparency that hadn’t existed before, a time to be real & step up to the plate…♡ 🙂

Good morning, all! 🙂 Today’s word is real…present, original, unique, one of a kind, transparent, genuine, real McCoy and memorable! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Just be you, to all people, at all times…real, present, caring, helpful, loving & original…just as you are! ♡ 🙂


It wasn’t a question of preparation, everything possible had been prepared in advance, but one of timing…a variable I had no control over.

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is preparation…readiness, provision, switch gears, get in gear, spin up, groundwork, training & prep! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Preparation is everything, timing is the key…all things have something to teach us…be a student of life… ♡ 🙂


It was an investment in myself, of ‘growing’ my capacity in all the areas I had been bankrupt in before…caring, generosity and love…♡ 🙂

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is invest…in health, spiritually, relationships, knowledge, abilities, talents, hopes, dreams & love! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Invest in yourself, in your hopes & dreams…you’re alive for a purpose, follow the path wherever it leads you! ♡ 🙂


Little did I know, but I was on a journey of self-discovery to an uncharted and remote location I had never visited before…my heart. ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all 🙂 Today’s word is journey…travels, expedition, adventure, voyage, trek, tour, discovery, excursion and odyssey! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: The most important journey of your life will not be to far away places, but within yourself…heart, mind & soul. ♡ 🙂


There was something holding me back from the life I wanted to live & I finally decided to confront & change it…’it’ was simply me… ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is change…adapt, modify, grow, learn, evolve, transform, alter, revise, substitute and awaken… ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: It starts with you…be the change you want to see in your world, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you! ♡ 🙂


I felt like a failure, vulnerable and defenseless…yet my heart told me to be still, for I was now free of all pretense to just be me! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is vulnerable…defenseless, unarmed, powerless, transparent, open, exposed, weak & helpless. ♡

My thought for today: Embrace vulnerability…for it’s the path away from self, that leads you to everything you aspire & long to be! ♡ 🙂


There was so much more I wanted to be, do, see, feel, grow, experience & love, but I stood in the way…so I took action to change me! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is action…choose, decide, effort, desire, passion, engage, endeavor, challenge & do something! ♡

My thought for today: If your heart longs to write, write…to be loved, love…to be free, liberate yourself…to fly, spread your wings! ♡


My palette was running on empty, but I picked up my brush & started right where I was, with what I had, painting a new life for myself! ♡ 🙂

Good morning, all! 🙂 Today’s word is palette…toolbox, toolkit, clue bag, experience base, perspective, knowledge, insight & intuition! ♡

My thought for today: You are an artisan creating a portrait of your life, paint from a palette of color, joy, hope, love & laughter! ♡ 🙂


Looking back, it was the encouragement that made all the difference to me, for others took the time to inspire me to believe in myself! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is encourage…support, promote, lift up, bless, steady, cheer, motivate, inspire, rally and champion! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Ours is a sharing of hearts, an uplifting of spirits & an encouragement of minds…each one serving the other…♡ 🙂


Off in the distance a faint light pierced the darkness guiding my way, for the lighthouse was the saving grace that was leading me home… ♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is light…illumination, luminescence, luminosity, brilliance, sparkle, shine, clarity and love! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Be a blessing in the lives of everyone you touch today & everyday…be love & light to the world! #BeLoveAndLight! ♡


I thought back to people who mentored & guided me in uncertain times & turbulent seas & realized they made all the difference in my life…♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is mentorship…relationship, advice, insight, knowledge, direction, focus, personal and loving! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Mentor, guide, advise, help & assist one another…we’re all searching for our way through life… #Mentorship ♡ 🙂


There was a connection that spoke beyond the moment, it was a lighthearted feeling and understanding that everything would be alright! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is lighthearted…happy, cheerful, carefree, joyous, buoyant, fun, easy going and in good spirits! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Focus on other hearts, encourage smiles, remain lighthearted and be joyful ~ enjoy the gift that is today! ♡ 🙂 Mark


Spread kindness like you’re a farmer planting a crop, scattering seeds of love everywhere you go, for an act of kindness is never forgotten!

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is kindness…sweetness, gentleness, graciousness, generosity, sharing, caring, love & light! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Kindness matters, love changes hearts & time is our most valuable resource…what you do matters! #KindnessIsMagic! ♡


The situation called for action, but in an unexpected way…to remain quiet, humble & respectful, for there was no other valid approach… ♡

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today’s word is humble…respectful, gentle, modest, courteous, polite, soft-spoken, discreet, self-effacing! ♡

My thought of today: Be humble, gentle, kind, generous, caring, supportive & loving to everyone you meet…it’s a win-win for everyone! ♡


The message of sustainability was contagious, for it made perfect sense & spoke to the heart of every issue & facet of our lives & world! ♡

Good morning! 🙂 Today’s word is contagious…infectious, catching, communicable, transmissible, enlightening, informative, instructive! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Be contagious ~ spread love, peace, understanding, support and encouragement everywhere you go! #SpreadLove! ♡ 🙂


I stood at the crossroads of Experience and Opportunity…a dusty, one-horse town called Serendipity Junction…it was my kinda town! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is opportunity…possibility, potential, invitation, blessing, chance, bonus, opening and gift! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Today’s the most wonderful gift you’ll ever receive, make it a reflection of your heart! ♡ #CarpeDiem#SeizeTheDay!


I then realized and understood that we were enough, each and every one of us…in our own beautiful, unique, creative & sparkling ways! ♡ 🙂

Good morning, all 🙂 Today’s word is enough…plenty, abundant, full, overflowing, sufficient, ample, bountiful, generous and lavish! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: #JustBeYou#JustAsYouAre! Let your light shine from inside out & remind yourself that you are enough: #JustAsIAm! ♡


It was a choice, whether to remain quiet, reserved & polite, or to #LiveALifeOutLoud! without regrets…the answer was clear, #HelloWorld! ♡

Good afternoon, all! 🙂 Today’s word is live…blossom, sparkle, thrive, smile, delight, charm, inspire, enchant, motivate and love!  ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Your future begins today, why delay your dreams for a minute longer?#LiveYourDreams!


It was a shared vision held by all, to come together as one, greater than we were as individuals, to build a community of love & caring… ♡

Good afternoon! 🙂 Today’s word is community…all of us together, people vested in one another, relationships, shared vision & goals! ♡ 🙂

My thought for today: Each & every one of you is precious, please never forget that…be the love you want to see in the world! #BeLove! ♡


It was a radical idea, but my bohemian spirit loved it, for what better way was there to live, than to rock the world with love?! Love! ♡ 🙂

Today’s word is bohemian…free spirit, free thinker, pathfinder, nonconformist, eclectic, fun, radical, footloose, fancy-free & loving! ♡ 🙂

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Here’s my thought for today: #LoveRocks! ♡ 🙂 Mark


It was a ticket to everywhere & nowhere, as I absorbed experience, knowledge, insight & understanding vicariously in this online world…♡

Happy Sunday! 🙂 Today’s word is vicarious…surrogate, indirect, secondhand, derivative, substitute, representative, stand-in & proxy! ♡ 🙂