Heirloom Quality Crochet Lacework ~ Rose Lace Pattern Number One

Over the years, my wife has used her favorite rose lace crochet pattern to edge many different cloths of all sizes.  She’s made lace borders using handkerchief lace the diameter of sewing thread on handkerchiefs and small cloths of her own crafting, to full-sized cloths and fabric squares that she’s prepared herself.

I’ve gathered a number of photos for the gallery below to showcase her various creations over the years to give you a wide example of her work.  My favorites are the small cloths surrounded in delicate handkerchief lace, as these miniature works of art amaze me each and every time I look at them ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

Heirloom Quality Crochet Lacework ~ Lace Table Runner with Rose Medallion Pattern

My wife has been making heirloom quality crochet lacework here at home for years, and today’s table runner is her most recently completed work ~ a Lace Table Runner with Rose Medallion Pattern.

She learned the art and craft of making fine crochet lacework while growing up in Germany, and then took it to the next level with her exacting attention to detail by precisely pinning and ironing the lace to maintain its shape.  I’ve always admired her work and thought you would like it as well ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

Heirloom Quality Crochet Lacework ~ 5 O’clock Tea in Handkerchief Lace on an Antique Linen Cloth

My wife has crocheted the 5 O’Clock Tea lace pattern a number of times over the years, and this version is done in handkerchief lace on an antique linen cloth.  The photos below show the painstaking work of pinning the lace corners down exactly to measure, before lightly starching the cloth to keep its shape ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

Heirloom Quality Crochet Lacework ~ Handkerchief with Miniature Rose Lace Border

My wife crocheted her favorite rose lace border in miniature using gauge number 60 handkerchief thread around a quality, German handkerchief when we lived in England.  The result is a beautiful and delicate miniature rose lace cloth that is really stunning – and speaks to her dedication to crochet high quality cloths with precision – enjoy! ☼ 🙂

Heirloom Quality Crochet Lacework ~ 5 O’Clock Tea Cloth

My wife grew up in Germany learning to make crochet lacework from her mother and grandmother, and over the years she has made the most exquisite and perfect examples of crochet doilies, runners, lace trimmed cloths, lace edgings, lampshades, tablecloths and curtains. I’ve always viewed her creations as ‘heirloom quality’ pieces of art, as I’d never seen anything like them growing up in Michigan – and had no knowledge of what was possible in the world of fine crochet lacework.

She’s not only dedicated to perfection in the making of a piece of crochet lacework, but also in the layout, finishing and presentation of her work.  While she doesn’t design her own crochet patterns, she adapts, modifies and improves the patterns she chooses in order to create the finished project she has in mind.

If a suitable cloth isn’t available for the centerpiece of a tablecloth, my wife will fashion her own for the project and create the crochet lacework around it to match – as with this 5 O’Clock Tea Cloth she first made when we lived in England.  A project is never finished until she’s pinned it down perfectly and lightly starched it to retain its shape.  This 5 O’Clock Tea Cloth has ‘5 O’Clock Tea’ annotated on each corner, along with sugar bowl, creamer, tea cup and tea pot designs running the length of each side.

Over the years my wife has made literally hundreds of beautiful projects, and this is the beginning of her allowing me to share her work with you through all the pictures she’s taken in years past ~ enjoy! 🙂

(Note – The ’94 1 25 old school date stamp on the first photo is inaccurate, resetting itself when the camera’s battery was replaced.)