My Latest Book – Organizational Aerodynamics

I’ve published a series of books lately and one of them is Organizational Aerodynamics – “…helping individuals, organizations and businesses creatively solve their challenges…”  I first began writing Organizational Aerodynamics in 2000 to help folks look at their world through new perspectives through the Art of Visualization.  Simply changing your perspective can change your world and my aim in this book is to show you how I’ve used this technique my entire life.  Organizational Aerodynamics is free on Kindle Unlimited and the paperback version is 245 pages.

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About this book:

It was through the process of visualization that I had the idea to write this book, in order to help anyone utilize the technique of visualization to improve their lives and the organizations they’re part of.  Visualization provides you with the opportunity to see anything from a fresh new perspective, explore alternative options, and open yourself to eureka moments of self-discovery in your life and in the organizations you participate in.  This process of visualizing something we’ve never before experienced, or hasn’t taken place – or doesn’t even yet exist – allows us to explore new and imaginative ways we can transform the world around us and create the world of our dreams.  It is this radical alteration of how we look at our world that can change everything for us – and it is the Art of Visualization that can make it happen!

About the Author:

I’ve written this book as a self-help motivational guide to teach you how to visualize your community, organization, business, family, life and world in brand new ways, so that you can creatively solve your challengesOrganizational Aerodynamics allows you to visualize your unique situation in a way that perhaps you’ve never seen it before, in order to refine and focus your energy on successfully accomplishing your goal.

The saying ‘our mind’s eye’ is a way of describing the fact that we often see what we’re thinking.  When someone describes something to us we often develop a mental picture of what they’re saying – even as they’re saying it to us.  So open your mind’s eye as wide as you can and free your mind to look at your world anew as if for the first time ever – and use the Art of Visualization to see new and unique solutions to solve and overcome your challenges!  Cheers!  Mark



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