389.0 Simply Mark – Show 18, Season 7, Aug 11, 2017 – Podcast

“Cherish the essence of this experience within your heart for the rest of your life and help make your world a wondrous reflection of our realm!”

Mark reads Ch 6 of his story Book Two ‘Sam the Tugboat and the Island Kingdom of Beauty, Dreams and Imagination’ ~ suitable for children of all ages! ☼ 🙂

388.0 Simply Mark – Show 11, Season 8, Aug 11, 2017 – Podcast

“Jonathan always had ideas, and once an idea formed in his mind he felt it had to be investigated – after all, that’s what any good explorer would do, right?”

Mark reads Ch 2, Pt 1 of his story Book Three ‘Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)’ ~ suitable for children of all ages! ☼ 🙂