Our Adventures In Baking ~ Basic Homemade Bread

My wife’s been baking our own bread for quite some time now, and likes to try new recipes whenever she finds one that looks interesting, while I bat clean-up in the kitchen taking care of the dishes.  Recently, she came across a recipe called ‘Poor Man’s Bread’ found on ‘Humble In A Heartbeat dot com,’ that she’s made twice now – white bread as the recipe calls for, and a second time substituting a cup of whole wheat flour.  I call this recipe ‘Basic Homemade Bread,’ because the list of ingredients is about as short as it gets: water, yeast, flour, salt.

Both versions of this bread turned out tasting great, with a slight sourdough flavor to my taste.  The slices make wonderful toast, as they are crispy, crunchy and hold together well.  I’m a peanut butter & jelly sandwich fan, and for me, both versions of the bread made great PB&J sandwiches, holding together even under spreading thick peanut butter that was cold out of the refrigerator and not easy to spread.  The key for me, was that this bread made a nice, strong slice without being rubbery in any way.  This bread is great, and the bonus is it’s cheaper to make and has fewer ingredients.  Here’s a few photos ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

2 thoughts on “Our Adventures In Baking ~ Basic Homemade Bread

  1. Hi Mark, the loaves look really great. I love peanut butter but I never buy it. Can’t stop eating, you know. Have lots of fun baking more bread 🙂

  2. Mark D. Jones says:

    Thanks, Brigitte, we love homemade bread and enjoy experimenting with new recipes. It’s not only fun, but also fun to eat! ☼ 🙂 Mark

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