My Original Artwork ~ A Tree of Many Colors

This is my latest acrylic painting on canvas called ‘My Original Artwork ~ A Tree of Many Colors (16″ x 20″), and the second in my colorful contemporary series of paintings.  I’m very pleased with how this painting turned out, as it’s even better than how I first imagined it would be.  I kept the tree and lawn background rather simple to not take away from the focus on the leaves, while allowing the sky to have subtle ‘cloud like’ variations flowing within it.

My intention was to have each section of leaves represent a different color, and deliberately kept the darker portions lower and closer to the main tree trunk, while keeping the lightest pastel colors around the edges representing the brighter reflections of sunlight around the outside.  The original initial inspiration for this painting came to me while I was studying images of color wheels, and thinking of ways to portray color wheels differently.  In the end I decided that the color wheel concept was too rigid and academic for my intentions – so I came up with this tree of many colors instead ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

My Original Artwork ~ A Tree of Many Colors (16″ x 20″)

(Copyright 2017, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

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