Our Adventures in Baking ~ Vanillehörnchen or Vanilla Crescent Cookies

Another one of our favorite German Christmas cookies that my wife makes every year, is Vanillehörnchen or Vanilla Crescent Cookies. My mother used to make a similar cookie when I was growing up in the shape of little snowballs, but however they’re shaped, they’re delicious! 🙂

You can easily find a quality German recipe online for Vanillehörnchen in English, or an American recipe for Vanilla Crescents in a simple search.  Either way you go, you’re bound to find a recipe that works for you.  That’s the wonder of the internet, that anything you need to know is a simple search away.

My wife’s Vanillehörnchen recipe is from the baking book she made years ago of her family’s recipes in Germany.  Here’s a gallery of photos from my wife’s Vanillehörnchen baking process from the other day ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

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