Our Adventures in Baking ~ Whole Wheat, Brown Sugar & Oats Bread

Today we decided to adapt a recipe we previously made called ‘Soft & Sweet Honey Oat Bread’ found on a website called ‘BSB ~ Butter With a Side of Bread’ at ‘butter with a side of bread’ dot com.  We substituted half the flour with whole wheat flour, brown sugar for the honey called for in the dough, and used only enough honey to coat the top of the dough for sticking the oats on, without dripping it down into the sides of the loaf pan.

My role today was mixing, kneading, and forming the dough, along with clean up duties and food blogging ~ while my wife did everything else.  She’s the expert baker in our family, and I just pinch hit and fill in wherever needed in the batting order! 🙂

While we enjoyed the honey sweet flavor of the original recipe, we wanted a hearty loaf that wasn’t so sweet, still tasted great, and held up well as a sandwich bread, and got just what we were looking for! This loaf tastes great, has a nice texture with the hearty flavor of whole wheat, and made wonderful grilled Provolone cheese sandwiches (my next post) for lunch today.

Here’s a photo gallery of our baking adventure today ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

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