Our Adventures in Baking ~ Buttermilk Bread

Today’s adventure was baking a loaf of buttermilk bread from a recipe posted on ‘Food’ dot com called ‘Buttermilk American Loaf Bread (Cook’s Illustrated).’  My role in this undertaking was to mix the ingredients for the dough with the hand mixer, and do the dishes and clean up, while my wife did the rest.  This loaf tastes delicious, looks perfect, and is an ideal sandwich bread that holds together, while still retaining a soft and fluffy consistency with a nice crust!

There’s little else I need to discuss, as we followed the recipe as advertised.  The dough takes on a ‘smooth and satiny’ appearance as described, and the loaf rose quite well in the process.  Our loaf baked for 40 minutes in the convection oven, and despite the required color, the internal temperature topped out a tad high at just over 200 degrees.  Our oven typically bakes quickly as it’s a smaller double oven, so use your own experience in deciding how long to leave your loaf in the oven for.

Here’s a gallery of photos from our baking adventures ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

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