Our Adventures in Baking ~ Honey and Oats Bread

My wife’s our family’s Master Chef and Baker, researching recipes, writing out shopping lists for the grocery store, and precisely organizing and measuring out ingredients to create the meals and baked goods that I enjoy sharing with you online.

She decided to try a recipe for ‘Soft & Sweet Honey Oat Bread’ that she found on a website called ‘BSB ~ Butter with a Side of Bread’ found at ‘butter with a side of bread’ dot com, by Jessica and Nellie. There are so many delicious recipes online to try, that besides the few ‘keepers’ like this one that we plan on making over and over again, we’ll never run out of new recipes to try!

My role in today’s baking episode was mixing and shaping the dough, placing it into the loaf pan and washing the dishes afterwards.  She did all the rest, and the result speaks for itself! 🙂  This recipe and loaf turned out just as advertised ~ soft, sweet and delicious ~ a perfect sandwich or toasting bread that keeps its shape and holds together without crumbling when spreading butter!

We followed the recipe as advertised, and having an instant-read, digital thermometer is very handy for testing the loaf’s internal temperature after baking for doneness.  The gallery of photos below and the recipe itself are all you need to reference to make this delicious loaf of bread yourself at home ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

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