Our Adventures in Baking ~ Honey-Oatmeal Rolls

My wife found a fabulous recipe for ‘Honey-Oatmeal Rolls’ on ‘Tutti-Dolci dot com’ called ‘All Sweets’ by Laura.  Freshly baked bread is such a treat, and we made these dinner rolls yesterday morning to be perfectly warm to enjoy with our Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup ~ and the rolls were as yummy as they look! 🙂

My wife mixed and turned out the dough, while I formed the dough into rolls, which is my favorite part of baking.  It was fun to form the small balls of dough and watch them rise in the round baking pans, which we first sprayed with coconut non-stick cooking oil.

We let them rise in a slightly warm oven that was turned off at the time, which provided a soft and gentle heat to encourage their rising. (We had previously baked ‘Blondies,’ which will be my next post.)

Brushing the dough with honey and melted butter was a sweet technique to allow the oats to stick to the dough while baking.  This is a yummy and delicious recipe, that I hope to experiment with and see if it’ll also work in a loaf pan for sandwich bread and toasting ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

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