A Little This & That ~ Buttermilk Pancakes & Growing Saplings

This morning I made buttermilk pancakes ~ but it was too early for photos ~ so I wanted to pass along the recipe that we very much enjoyed.  The recipe’s called ‘BA’s Best Buttermilk Pancakes’ found at ‘Bon Appétit’ dot com.  I was tired of making pancakes from mixes, and wanted to find a simple recipe from scratch that was easy to make, and this is the one for me!  It was easy to reduce the amount of ingredients required in the recipe by half, and the batch made 8 delicious, regular sized pancakes about 4″ across.  I’ve bookmarked the page for all future pancake weekends, and my searching for the ‘perfect’ recipe is over! 🙂

On another subject, and the reason for adding the ‘A Little This & That’ category, is to mention our growing saplings of the ‘Yellow Mexican Bird of Paradise’ shrub ~ which can actually be pruned into small trees.  We purchased enough shrubs from a nursery this summer to start two different hedges in our backyard, but wanted to grow new saplings ourselves to extend both hedges.

As the shrubs put out seed pods, I collect the seeds by opening the pods and plant them in starter buckets, before transplanting them into our flower pots.  The key here is wash my hands well after handling the seeds, as they’re reported to be poisonous.  Our annual flowers had run their course, so we’re making good use of the planters for growing saplings and as an herb garden.  Saplings also sprout underneath the shrubs, which I then transplant to new containers.  I took photos of the planters tonight, and thought I’d share this adventure in gardening with you ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

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