Our Adventures in Baking ~ Whole Milk Bread

We’ve tried a number of recipes using almond milk lately, and discovered that almond milk really isn’t for us, for no particular reason.  So we decided to go back to one of our favorite bread recipes found online at ‘Heather’s French Press’ dot com for ‘Almond Milk Bread,’ and tried substituting whole milk for almond milk in the recipe.

Everything else in the recipe remained as written, and after my wife mixed in all the ingredients and after the initial rise, I kneaded the dough well and formed it into the loaf pans using my best baker’s technique.  We had a good enough rise in the loaf pans to start with, but gently brushing the tops with melted butter deflated them somewhat before they went into the oven, and never regained their original height.

It seems to me that the secret to becoming proficient in baking bread means to do a lot of baking ~ each time a trial and error learning experience ~ so practice makes perfect! 🙂

The end result didn’t matter though, as both loaves baked wonderfully and provided a beautiful, buttery flavor ~ with a light and airy texture, and slices that hold together well.  This recipe is still a keeper in our kitchen, and substituting whole milk for almond milk produced a delicious and flavorful result for us ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

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