Our Adventures in Baking ~ Custard Peach Pie

My wife baked a Custard Peach Pie on two occasions now, using a recipe she found on ‘Christina’s Cucina’ dot com – and it turned out wonderfully both times!  The first time she baked this custard peach pie recipe she peeled fresh peaches, and on the second time around appreciated the ease of using frozen sliced peaches.  Refrigerated pie crusts were used each time, which is another time-saving tip.

We enjoy eating this type of custard pie cold from the refrigerator, which allows the custard to set up firmly, although both times the pies begged to be eaten warm out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! 🙂 My wife also used her traditional German streusel recipe on the second occasion, which is simply made from combining flour, butter, sugar and a little cinnamon together.  My contributions here? Assembling the refrigerated pie crust, dish washing, pie serving, taste appreciation and food blogging – enjoy! ☼ 🙂

I’ll share two photo galleries of our Custard Peach Pie results – here are the photos of this weekend’s pie using the frozen sliced peaches and German streusel topping:

Here are the photos from the first custard peach pie using the fresh sliced peaches:

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