Our Adventures in Baking ~ Milk and Honey Sandwich Bread

My wife and I tried a recipe for ‘Milk and Honey Sandwich Bread’ some time ago in our continued adventures in baking, which turned out to be a partial success.  The bread looked and tasted great, and had risen quite high in the loaf pan before baking.  However, when the loaves were brushed with heavy cream as directed, the risen dough collapsed, leaving a flat topped loaf which didn’t rise again in the oven.

While this bread looked great and tasted great, the collapsed dome was a disappointment, and our added step of sprinkling the loaves with quick oats didn’t stick well after the loaves were sliced.  The result was we didn’t keep this recipe, and continued our search for more bread recipes to try, while afterwards buying a softer pastry brush to brush loaves with a softer touch than with the standard bristle kitchen brush we used.

While we didn’t save this particular recipe and don’t recall which one it was, the internet is full of ‘Milk and Honey Bread’ recipes for the adventurous baker.  The flavor of this type of bread is well worth trying again with a different recipe and a softer pastry brush – plus we’ll research how to get seeds and quick oats to stick better after slicing the loaves.  Enjoy your adventures in the kitchen as well, and the photo gallery below of our efforts! ☼ 🙂

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