Our Adventures in Baking ~ Amish White Bread

I saw a recipe for Amish White Bread online at deepsouthdish dot com for ‘Amish White Bread for the KitchenAid’ and as we had been looking for a good sandwich bread recipe, my wife and I decided to give it a try.

We’ve baked this Amish White Bread twice now, and made a couple of minor alterations to the recipe on the second batch.  This bread looks great, tastes great, and the texture is ideal for open face sandwiches using a fork and knife, and for toasting – but our slices pull apart too easily to make a traditional sandwich between two slices of bread, as the bread would easily crumble when the sandwich was picked up.

On the second batch we limited the amount of sugar in the dough to only the initial starter portion with the yeast, as we didn’t want the slices overly sweetened.  Since the first batch didn’t fill our 9″ bread pans high enough the first time around, I added some additional flour and a tablespoon of water to the dough in the mixing process to give the dough a little added volume which worked, but next time we’ll use oil instead of water.

Here are the photos from the first two batches of our Amish White Bread, and this is a recipe we plan on making again and again ~ enjoy! 🙂

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