Adventures in Baking ~ Our Artisan Bread

We’ve found the King Arthur Flour recipe for ‘No-Knead Crusty White Bread’ to be our favorite go-to bread recipe, with the perfect crust, flavor and texture that we love.  It’s simple and easy to make, and my wife makes up a batch of dough each week to keep in the refrigerator for baking fresh artisan bread throughout the week.  This bread doesn’t rise very high in the oven for us, but regardless, the flavor is totally worth it!

The one change we’ve made since first experimenting with this recipe, is that we’ve switched to using unbleached all purpose flour. The gallery shows a selection of different loaves we’ve made over the past weeks, which completes my posts for this recipe.  We bake other types of bread and rolls as well, so in future posts I’ll begin discussing these recipes ~ enjoy! 🙂

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