One of Our Favorite Budget Meals ~ Fried Eggs & Potatoes

One of our favorite budget meals is fried eggs and potatoes for lunch, but they could be enjoyed at any time of the day.  My wife usually boils off four red potatoes first thing in the morning for about 25 minutes until done – when a fork easily pushes into them – and then sets the potatoes on a plate to cool.  Later in the morning she slices the boiled potatoes into thick slices, and then either decides to fry the slices, or dices the potatoes into small cubes for frying.  The advantage of the small cubes is there’s more surface area for browning and crisping in the frying pan, which is where the flavor comes from.

After slicing and/or dicing the potatoes, she sautés them in some extra virgin olive oil, salt and peppered to taste, in a frying pan. Allow the potatoes to brown and crisp on all sides, without turning them too frequently.  Once the potatoes have reached their desired browning, she pushes them off to one side in the frying pan, and fries the eggs in the other half of the pan and serves them hot with chopped scallions/green onions sprinkled on top.  My wife prefers her egg served on top of the fried potatoes, while I like my eggs on the side, either way works out just fine – enjoy! 🙂

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