One of Our Favorite Soups ~ Chicken & Bacon Chowder

While my wife’s Chicken Noodle and Turkey Noodle soups, chock full of added vegetables, will always remain two of my favorite soups – she tried out a ‘Chicken & Bacon Chowder’ soup recipe a while back that she found in Good Housekeeping’s February 2015 magazine on page 132, which is now one of our favorite soups!  I’m sure if you go online to their website and type in ‘Chicken & Bacon Chowder’ you should be able to find the recipe.

While I won’t try to replicate the recipe here in this post, I will mention that some of the main ingredients of this soup are: bacon, celery, shallots, flour, chicken broth, skinless boneless chicken thighs, red potatoes, whole milk, and frozen corn.  Just from the main ingredients alone, you can see why this soup is now one of our favorites! 🙂

There really isn’t much else to add to the discussion, so I’ll post a couple of photos for you to tell the rest of  the story ~ enjoy! 🙂

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