One of Our Favorite Cookies ~ Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies have always been my favorite cookie ever since I was a kid sampling cookie dough out of the mixing bowl at every opportunity! 🙂 My wife has always made a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie with walnuts based on her own experimentation over the years, which has been our favorite chocolate chip cookie for years – because of its rich, hearty taste and the fact that it doesn’t collapse and go flat like a lot of chocolate chip cookies can using other recipes.

So when she came across a King Arthur Flour recipe for chocolate chip cookies online, she decided to give it a try.  Now my wife’s sold on their chocolate chip cookie recipe, and so am I!  Not only did it taste as perfect as a chocolate chip cookie could taste in my opinion, but it didn’t go flat and is a simple recipe to follow.

One of my wife’s techniques for making cookies is to use a medium cookie scoop to portion out the cookie dough in perfect amounts.  The cookie scoop she uses looks like an old fashioned ice cream scoop, with the lever and dough scraper that scrapes the inside curve of the scoop perfectly to eject the cookie dough.  The next thing she does, is scoop out the cookie dough in individual portions onto parchment paper placed in a small rectangular baking dish that fits into our freezer.  She then places the baking dish with 20 individual portions of cookie dough into the freezer until the cookie dough hardens.

Once the dough is hard to the touch, she removes the baking dish, breaks apart the individual cookie dough portions, and wraps two individual portions of cookie dough at a time in cling wrap and freezes them in freezer bags.  When we’re ready to enjoy a freshly baked cookie, she removes the amount of frozen cookie dough from the freezer that we plan on eating and lets them thaw slightly before baking.  That way we don’t eat all the cookies at once when the entire batch is baked, but always have freshly baked cookies anytime we want!

As an aside, I’ve always loved frozen chocolate chip cookies right out of the freezer, just as they’re beginning to thaw.  There’s something special in the taste of a frozen chocolate chip cookie that I really enjoy! 🙂

My role in baking cookies remains as always: licking the bowl, cleaning-up, doing the dishes and taste appreciation – so I’ll let these photos tell you all you need to know about whether you want to try King Arthur Flour’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for yourself ~ enjoy! 🙂

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