Our Adventures in Baking ~ Chewy Italian Rolls

My wife has twice baked a new bread roll recipe found on King Arthur Flour’s website called ‘Chewy Italian Rolls’ – and they’re so delicious they’ve become a regular breakfast roll of ours! 🙂 The crust is nice and firm, with a delicate crunch right out of the oven, and these rolls have a real heft to them that you can feel in your hand from their weight, but the secret is when you bite into one and their chewy, flavorful taste invites you to eat the entire batch in one sitting!

The second batch of Chewy Italian Rolls made 10 rolls, as opposed to the first batch of 8 rolls that the recipe calls for.  My wife freezes these rolls two at a time in freezer bags, and then warms them up for 10 minutes in a 350 degree F oven for our breakfast – tasting just as delicious and yummy as when first baked!  I’ll let my wife’s photos tell the rest of the story ~ enjoy! 🙂

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