Our Artisan Bread ~ White Whole Wheat Bread

This is my fourth post of baking artisan bread using a King Arthur Flour ‘No-Knead Crusty White Bread’ recipe, except this time we experimented by using White Whole Wheat Flour for half of the flour used for the batch of dough.  We loved the result of the ‘No-Knead Crusty White Bread’ recipe, and wanted to see how it worked with King Arthur Flour’s White Whole Wheat Flour as a variation on the theme.

The benefit of using this recipe is having a large batch of dough available in the refrigerator for up to a week, with the option of using only the amount of dough needed for the day’s requirement.  It turned out that our first batch of the White Whole Wheat Bread mixture varied from the original Crusty White Bread loaves in a couple of ways.  The white whole wheat flour must be somewhat denser and not as light and airy, and as a result the air holes within the loaves were smaller and the bread was a little denser.  The other difference was that the crust was thick and chewy, as opposed to thick and crusty in the original recipe.

At that point we experimented in letting the dough rise for longer periods at room temperature before baking, after removing it from the refrigerator.  This technique seemed to allow the air pockets to develop further before baking, but mostly just under the top crust leaving large holes in each slice.  The taste of the White Whole Wheat Bread was wonderful regardless, but our preference is to stick with the original recipe, which is our favorite!  Here’s a gallery of photos showing our experimentation with White Whole Wheat Bread ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂

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