One of Our Favorite Cakes ~ 3-Layer Coconut Cake

Today’s 3-layer coconut cake is essentially the same coconut cake that I’ve posted and described before, but with a different type of frosting.  You can find my original coconut cake post here at this link:

The main difference between the two cakes, is that this 3-layer coconut cake is baked in three 9″ cake pans, and then assembled with the jam of your choice and frosting between layers – my wife used blackberry jam in her cake.  Another difference between cakes, is that the coconut applied to the frosting isn’t first toasted, which helps keep the cake moist.

The frosting for this cake is a Philadelphia Cream Cheese and butter icing recipe that is easily found online in a Google search.  Once the cake is frosted, simply apply the shredded moist coconut evenly to the outside of the frosted cake.  Make sure you keep this cake refrigerated after frosting, because of its cream cheese and butter icing.  We noticed that the cake itself was not as light and fluffy as the first coconut cake was, probably due to the extra moisture of the icing and jam, as well as the cool temperature in the refrigerator – but the taste was ever so good!  Enjoy! ☼ 🙂

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