Our Adventures in Cooking ~ Hähnchen Jägerschnitzel (Hunter’s Cutlet with Chicken)

Hähnchen Jägerschnitzel or Hunter’s Cutlet with Chicken, is a favorite hearty meal of ours, and very simple to make by following the directions on the Maggi fix & frisch, Hunter’s Schnitzel seasoning mix Jäger-sahne Schnitzel package.  You can find the Maggi seasoning mix either in the imported German foods section of your local grocery store, or just go online to one of our favorite websites: GermanDeli.com http://www.germandeli.com/ and follow this path on their website to find it: GermanDeli.com ~ Groceries ~ Maggi Products ~ Maggi fix and frisch MSG-Free

My wife made this meal for Sunday lunch last weekend, using the leftover chicken that was frozen from our Roast Chicken meal the Sunday before:


In addition to the chicken we already had, she reheated the mashed potatoes in the frying pan using the same technique she used in making the Fried Eggs & Mashed Potatoes earlier this week:


You can see the ingredients my wife added to the two seasoning mix pouches in making a double portion of this recipe in the photos below, including: chicken pieces, sliced button mushrooms, chopped green and red peppers, sliced shallots, frozen chopped fresh parsley, and heavy whipping cream.

Since the directions on the Maggi pouch are written in English with the option of using chicken, veal or pork with the seasoning mix, I’ll let the pictures my wife took tell the rest of the story.  She’s also in charge of food staging and photography in our family!  My role in this meal was cleanup, dish washing, taste appreciation and blogging! 🙂 You can see in the final photo in the gallery below, that the double recipe yielded an additional four meals to be frozen for later ~ enjoy! ☼ 🙂


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