My Original Artwork: Wood Cottage (2015)

This is my most recent painting that I call ‘Wood Cottage’ (11″ x 14″) which I just completed today, and the fifth painting in my ‘Cottage Series’ of acrylic paintings.  I wanted this painting to be very whimsical, as whimsy is a favorite theme of mine, so it’s part tree-house, and part hobbit-house, along with elvish inspired half-timbered woodwork.  My next painting will be on a much bigger palette, as I will go back to painting the exterior of our home, which I postponed mid-stream when the summer heat arrived this year.  So sometime next spring I’ll begin painting a new cottage on canvas, but for now here’s my latest artwork:

‘Wood Cottage’ (2015)

(Copyright 2015, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

'Wood Cottage' (2015) by Mark D. Jones

‘Wood Cottage’ (2015) by Mark D. Jones (Copyright 2015, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

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