My Original Artwork: Seattle Skyline – Work In Progress Update #4 (Sep 2015)

This is the fourth update on my Seattle Skyline (18″ x 36″) Work In Progress, and it’s coming along slow and steady.  I’m trying to finish the buildings as I paint from right to left, but there are still some touch ups and alterations needed to be made of course, as I figure out how to make each building distinctive and different from the others.  I’m happy with my progress to date, and will take my time filling it in and touching up the buildings as I go along.  I still have to add a few stars to the night sky, and sort out exactly how the evening fog and darkness should look across the bottom of the painting, but here it is to date:

‘Seattle Skyline – Work In Progress Update #4’ (Sep 2015)

(Copyright 2015, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)


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