My Original Artwork: Seattle Skyline – Work In Progress Update #3 (Aug 2015)

This is the third update on my Seattle Skyline (18″ x 36″) Work In Progress, and it’s just over halfway finished.  I’ve run out of white acrylic paint, and I’m waiting for the delivery of a new set of paints to arrive later this week before continuing.  I still have to fix the ‘S’ that seems to have been figuratively sat on, and then complete the skyscrapers to the left of the Space Needle as well.  I’ve never painted anything like this urban skyline scene before, but I like how the process is evolving and developing.  Here’s my progress through this week for your viewing pleasure:

‘Seattle Skyline – Work In Progress Update #3’ (Aug 2015)

(Copyright 2015, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)


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