My Original Artwork: Seattle Skyline – Work in Progress Update #2 (Aug 2015)

This is the second update on my current painting in progress that I call ‘Seattle Skyline’ (18″ x 36″), and I’m making slow, but steady progress on it.  I saw a current photo of Seattle earlier today, and I think the city put up a new skyscraper or twelve over the course of the past two weeks, so excuse me if my artwork lags the real world! 🙂 I’ve also used quite a bit of artistic license to fill in the skyscrapers and create smaller buildings in the foreground, as my painting is meant to be an impression of Seattle’s skyline, and not a perfect photographic copy.  In addition, I’ve decided to let the letters stand out in white, as they’re taking on a very nice appearance without the addition of extra colors.  Here’s my progress through today for your viewing pleasure:

 ‘Seattle Skyline – Work In Progress Update #2’ (Aug 2015)

(Copyright 2015, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)


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