My Original Artwork: 455th FTS T-37 ‘Tweet’ Mural (1988)

After our squadron building’s renovation work was completed, I decided to paint a mural on the small wall across from the Ops Desk. The Ops Desk was where our crews checked out prior to flying the T-37 ‘Tweet,’ and back in again after flying.  I decided to attempt my most ambitious painting to date, and painted freehand a formation flight of T-37 ‘Tweets.’  Our T-37s were to receive a new blue and white paint scheme, and as I hadn’t seen it yet, I painted the aircraft based on other people’s descriptions of what it would look like.  As it later turned out, the red U.S. Air Force lettering was actually supposed to be white.  This was my last piece of artwork that I completed until I started a new project just this past week – some 27 years later – better late than never!  I designed and painted the entire mural, along with some assistance from another colleague helping to fill in the last remaining portion of the sky towards the end of the project:

455th FTS T-37 ‘Tweet’ Mural (1988)

(Original Painting by Mark D. Jones)

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