Music Video – “Masquerade” by Mark D. Jones

“Masquerade” is based on my original song of the same title, and tells the story of my memories of deploying to the Persian Gulf War at the end of 1990. The song’s lyrics plead, “Let’s build a world based on love, Build a world we can be proud of, Instead of a masquerade, Instead of a masquerade…” The video includes photos I took of our son, David, before deploying; of David and I at home in Germany, and at the Hahn Air Base Deployment Center before deploying; of me while deployed to the Persian Gulf, and finally of my return to Germany and back home again with David. I’ve dedicated this video to the People of Kuwait in hopes that all peoples of the world can one day, “build a world based on love, build a world we can be proud of, instead of a masquerade…” Enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark

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